Reshape the Future of Insurance


As customer expectations and market dynamics evolve, digital agility is critical for insurers to predict and respond quickly to shifting attitudes, market opportunities, and risks across the value chain.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating new opportunities for insurers to glean deeper customer insights, improve risk-modeling, and revamp their claims cycles. These new technologies put the customer at the center, enabling an enhanced experience throughout the insurance value chain.

Insurance Value Chain

Marketing, Sales, & Distribution

Leverage statistical analysis, ML and AI to transform the digital footprint of insurers and improve the customer experience with personalized products & services

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Product, Pricing, & Underwriting

Use statistical analysis & machine learning to disrupt the underwriting process with automated document processing, risk assessment, and optimized pricing models

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Services, Loss Control, & Claims

Utilize advanced document processing solutions and chatbots to auto-assess damage, predict severity, and improve the claims process

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Customer Success Stories

Identify High-Risk Customer Groups

Quantiphi helps an American insurance company achieve 2X uplift on their existing risk scoring model and advanced customer profiling.

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Churn Prediction

Explore how we helped one of the largest supplemental insurance providers in the United States mitigate agent churn.

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Lead Conversion Modeling

Explore how we supported an American insurance company with their lead prioritization through real-time dashboarding.

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Sales Forecasting for Upcoming Years

Explore how we helped one of the largest supplemental insurance providers in the U.S. unlock fast and accurate sales predictions.

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Centralized Data Lake

Explore how we helped a global leader in property and casualty insurance save $15K a month through data migration to cloud.

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Cognitive Document Processing

HeavyWater automates the classification and extraction of content from thousands of scanned financial documents with an AI-powered Virtual Assistant

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Fraudulent Claims Detection

HeavExplore how Quantiphi helped a specialty insurance company automate the identification of suspicious claims.

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Our Clients

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Core Technologies

Explore our core offerings for delivering groundbreaking transformation with our access to best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

Computer Vision

Detect objects of interest at world-class accuracy levels

Natural Language Processing

Understand documents, create auto-response systems

Speech Recognition

Perform at near-human levels in speech emotion detection & other tasks

Conversational AI

Offer superior customer experience through natural human-like conversations

Predictive Analytics

Identify and predict high-risk scenarios at unprecedented speed

Recommendation Engine

Provide hyper-personalized suggestions for stakeholders


Make informed decisions and accurately estimate business metrics

Big Data

Build the modern data platform to unlock the potential of data assets

Platform Engineering

Accelerate deployment, improve security and infrastructure utilization

Business Intelligence

Facilitate data-driven decision making across the organization