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Auduu is an applied AI and data science software and services company. We have depth and expertise in the following capabilities:

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Industries We Serve

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Banking & Financial Services

From automating fraud detection to enhancing the customer experience for banking and financial services, Quantiphi helps global financial services companies derive value from cloud-based architectures, big data analytics and AI.

  • Transform your digital footprint and provide better customer support with personalized products & services recommendations
  • Streamline the underwriting process through ML-based automated document processing, and risk assessment
  • Optimize day-to-day operations and improve the customer experience with cognitive document processing and smart-assist bots


Shifting student expectations and new models of learning have brought new challenges to educational institutions.

Adapt to the changing technology landscape by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to appeal to the greater student population, while equipping your organization with the proper tools to streamline processes, optimize cost-effectiveness, and ensure overall student success.

  • Harmonize business processes to make your entire breadth of institutional workflows efficient
  • Personalize the learning experience, maximize student achievement, and improve teacher productivity
  • Speed up analysis, work seamlessly across departments, and data sets to power academic research

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences stakeholders represent the industries with the highest potential for AI and machine learning to make a positive impact towards organizational goals and society at large. Quantiphi delivers world-class AI and data-driven solutions to transform care delivery, research & development, and business processes across industry segments that drive efficacy, engagement, and value focused results for our customers.

  • Leverage predictive analytics and document AI for risk stratification, underwriting, and effective market trend analysis
  • Improve speed to diagnosis with tools like AI-driven image analysis to more quickly identify regions of interest in medical scans; saving physicians and patients valuable time with treatment decisions
  • Develop knowledge mining systems that generate domain-specific insights, streamlining research activities and accelerating the drug/device development process


As customer expectations and market dynamics evolve, digital agility is critical for insurers to predict and respond quickly to shifting attitudes, market opportunities, and risks across the value chain.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating new opportunities for insurers to glean deeper customer insights, improve risk-modeling, and revamp their claims cycles. These new technologies put the customer at the center, enabling an enhanced experience throughout the insurance value chain.

  • Leverage statistical analysis, ML and AI to transform the digital footprint of insurers and improve the customer experience with personalized products & services
  • Use statistical analysis & machine learning to disrupt the underwriting process with automated document processing, risk assessment, and optimized pricing models
  • Utilize advanced document processing solutions and chatbots to auto-assess damage, predict severity, and improve the claims process


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