Rethink the Power of Education


Shifting student expectations and new models of learning have brought new challenges to educational institutions.

Adapt to the changing technology landscape by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to appeal to the greater student population, while equipping your organization with the proper tools to streamline processes, optimize cost-effectiveness, and ensure overall student success.

Education Value Chain

Institutional Efficiency

Harmonize business processes to make your entire breadth of institutional workflows efficient

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Student Success

Personalize the learning experience, maximize student achievement, and improve teacher productivity

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Speed up analysis, work seamlessly across departments, and data sets to power academic research

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Customer Success Stories

Academic Advising Assistant

Explore how we scaled student advising services at Penn State World Campus by integrating an AI-powered virtual agent.

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Student Retention Modeling

Explore how we helped an American higher education provider increase the student engagement rate across its campus-based and online programs with advanced student modeling.

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AI Tutor for Personalized Learning

Quantiphi created a personalized learning experience for students via an intelligent tutor for a leading global provider of quality higher education.

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Our Clients

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Core Technologies

Explore our core offerings for delivering groundbreaking transformation with our access to best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

Computer Vision

Detect objects of interest at world-class accuracy levels

Natural Language Processing

Understand documents, create auto-response systems

Speech Recognition

Perform at near-human levels in speech emotion detection & other tasks

Conversational AI

Offer superior customer experience through natural human-like conversations

Predictive Analytics

Identify and predict high-risk scenarios at unprecedented speed

Recommendation Engine

Provide hyper-personalized suggestions for stakeholders


Make informed decisions and accurately estimate business metrics

Big Data

Build the modern data platform to unlock the potential of data assets

Platform Engineering

Accelerate deployment, improve security and infrastructure utilization

Business Intelligence

Facilitate data-driven decision making across the organization