Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Healthcare and Life Sciences stakeholders represent the industries with the highest potential for AI and machine learning to make a positive impact towards organizational goals and society at large. Quantiphi delivers world-class AI and data-driven solutions to transform care delivery, research & development, and business processes across industry segments that drive efficacy, engagement, and value focused results for our customers.

Healthcare Value Chain

Underwriting & Quoting

Leverage predictive analytics and document AI for risk stratification, underwriting, and effective market trend analysis

Sales & Acquisition

Identify high-risk customer groups, enhance broker management, and recognize cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Provider Management

Improve provider data access and interoperability, and network management and planning through tailored AI solutions


Eliminate manual data entry with automated premium billing modules while also enhancing the care decision-making process for patients

Enrollment & Member Management

Ensure smooth client onboarding and engaging member retention with advanced AI technologies


Enhance the efficiency of your claims adjudication process with advanced analytics that boost throughput and member/provider satisfaction

Medical Management

Apply advanced analytics to traditional and non-traditional datasets that improve population health, care management, and readmission risk outcomes

Customer Service

Improve customer services utilization, grievance management, and service planning with digitized solutions for enriched speech recognition and document processing


Improve speed to diagnosis with tools like AI-driven image analysis to more quickly identify regions of interest in medical scans; saving physicians and patients valuable time with treatment decisions


Increase process throughput and/or risk detection with passive and active reading of digital information to drive improved efficiencies and outcomes

Resource Management

Optimize the impact of available resources with advanced predictive analytics that can forecast key capacity drivers like outpatient visits, bed availability, or service spikes


Leverage computer vision based systems, including workflow pattern recognition, thermal imaging, crowd density analysis, or fall risk assessment, to augment staff oversight and improve facility management


Support healthy lifestyle/care goals, stratify risk across populations, optimize program characteristics, and align treatments/services with likelihood of compliance

Research & Development

Develop knowledge mining systems that generate domain-specific insights, streamlining research activities and accelerating the drug/device development process

Drug Discovery

Apply advanced AI tools like generative models and deep learning to reduce the time and resources expended in drug discovery, efficaciously identify toxicity, and facilitate collaboration among researchers

Clinical Trials

Leverage AI throughout the clinical trial process to improve efficiency, resource utilization, candidate matching, reporting, and outcomes while lowering the cost burden of bringing products to market

Manufacturing & Distribution

Integrate AI-powered forecasting in the supply chain to optimize logistics, harmonize constraints, automate production controls, and reduce operational overhead costs


Leverage customer segmentation models to enable targeted product marketing and optimization of commercialization resources

Marketing Analytics

Improve impact of marketing investments with analytics tools that evaluate sales and channel effectiveness, support pharmaco-economic value modeling, and support metrics-driven planning for campaigns and products

Customer Success Stories

Radiology Data Lake

Explore how Quantiphi solved the user management and data security challenges for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by building a HIPAA-compliant data lake.

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Brain Hemorrhage Image Segmentation

Explore how Quantiphi partnered with Johns Hopkins University to develop superior diagnostic methods for brain injury patients.

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Evidence Extraction from Medical Reports

Explore how Quantiphi helped secure storage and management of patient health information for a team of personal injury attorneys.

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Clinical Trial Search Assistant

Wake Forest School of Medicine partnered with Quantiphi to assist participants in finding relevant clinical trials for cancer research via a virtual agent

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Our Clients

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Core Technologies

Explore our core offerings for delivering groundbreaking transformation with our access to best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

Computer Vision

Detect objects of interest at world-class accuracy levels

Natural Language Processing

Understand documents, create auto-response systems

Speech Recognition

Perform at near-human levels in speech emotion detection & other tasks

Conversational AI

Offer superior customer experience through natural human-like conversations

Predictive Analytics

Identify and predict high-risk scenarios at unprecedented speed

Recommendation Engine

Provide hyper-personalized suggestions for stakeholders


Make informed decisions and accurately estimate business metrics

Big Data

Build the modern data platform to unlock the potential of data assets

Platform Engineering

Accelerate deployment, improve security and infrastructure utilization

Business Intelligence

Facilitate data-driven decision making across the organization


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